"We love because Christ loved us first."  1 John 4:19

There can be many motives for serving others. Maybe we see a need, or feel guilty, or are looking for a way to feel better about ourselves. However, God calls us to serve for a different reason: because He first served us through Jesus, we now serve as a way to obey Him and model our lives around the life of His Son. So, the Christian motive is different; we don't serve to work off a guilty conscience, or as a means of gaining accepting or feeling superior, but as a example of the grace we                      

have experienced.

We encourage every Christ-follower to joyfully serve others as a response to the grace they have received. This doesn't have to be done "at church" (in a specific building or organization), but if you're looking for ways to serve, here are some of the things we're involved with as a faith family.


To learn more about any of the below ministry teams,

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    This team helps make the Sunday morning worship gathering as welcoming, warm, and friendly as possible for both our members and guests. Volunteer service opportunities include: welcome booth, next steps booth, greeters, ushers, parking, and cafe prep.

    Contact: Curt Reimer


    This team serves the church by moving the truths of God from the head to the heart in a way that only artistic expression can accomplish. Volunteer opportunities include: band vocalists and instrumentalists, audio/visual booth, creative team, graphic and web design, communion prep, and installation/construction.

    Contact: Scott Murray

  • caregiving

    This team provides meals and support to families experiencing difficulties and life transitions (i.e. new babies, moving, sickness, etc.). Our caregiving folks enjoy sharing the love of Christ with out church family and the community-at-large. If you need a meal, want to give one of our prepared meals to someone you know, or would like to be part of the meal-prep team, give us a call.

    Contact: Curt Reimer

  • facilities support

    This team works to ensure that our facilities are as safe and clean as possible. Volunteer areas include: landscaping, cleaning, repairs, organization, and general maintenance.

    Contact: Curt Reimer


    This team is comprised of caring adults who desire to help our teens understand the Gospel and grow in their faith, and are willing to share their lives and stories with students at a formational point of their life. Volunteer areas include: Tuesday night group leaders, Sunday morning junior high and high school class leaders, and special event volunteers.

    Contact: Brian From


    This team is comprised of valued volunteers who serve the families of our church by providing outstanding children's teaching, worship, and activities throughout the year. Volunteer areas include: Sunday class leaders, Sunday nursery volunteers, Sunday registration/check-in table, and special event volunteers.

    Contact:Wendy Montalbano

  • finance

    This team helps manage our church's financial resources and nurtures biblical stewardship and generosity among our members. Volunteer areas include: counting, recording, and reporting donations, managing online giving, insurance coordination, and stewardship/generosity education.

    Contact: Madhu Pallath

  • transportation

    This team provides transportation to and from Sunday gatherings and church activities for people who have difficulty doing it themselves. Volunteers on the transportation are put on a monthly rotation.

    Contact: (630) 481-6381

serving Your GREATER community

To learn more about any of the below ministry teams,

please fill out our Volunteer Interest Form.

  • communEATy meal

    We offer a free meal for the community each third Thursday of every month. These meals are our gift to the community and are absolutely free of charge. No strings attached. This team helps organize and serve the meal each month.

  • safe families

    Safe Families provides temporary homes for at-risk children in need. Volunteer families, prompted solely by compassion, build relationships with at-risk families experiencing crisis as they open their homes to children. This allows parents to have the time and space to work out their problems without having to worry about losing parental custody and putting their children in the foster care system. Volunteer Opportunities vary from becoming a host family to helping and supporting active host families.  

  • campus life

    Campus Life ministry combines healthy relationships with creative programs to help young people make good choices, establish a solid foundation for life, and positively impact their schools. Like every ministry of Youth For Christ, Campus Life seeks to engage these young people wherever they are found as lifelong followers of Jesus Christ. Volunteer opportunities include working directly with students on Monday nights, working behind the scenes in the office, or helping with one-day events and activities

While church-based and local ministry is vital to the mission of God, we believe that God calls us to care about the world the way he does. For this reason, we partner with other organizations and individuals who can expand the reach of God's kingdom work beyond our immediate area. Learn more about these partnerships by clicking below.