In support of one of our four main values -- to live "deep in community" -- we effort to create environments where those in our faith family can grow, encourage, challenge, serve, support, correct, sacrifice, praise and pray alongside one another.

Keep reading to learn how we help our Adults, Students, and Children "find and follow Jesus."



The backbone of our mission and vision as a church is Gospel Communities (GCs). These are, increasingly, location-based groupings of committed Four Corners folks who are equipped and empowered to live as family, servants, and everyday missionaries to each other and to their collective missional context.

Rather than being "just another thing" to add to your calendar, however, the rhythm and relationships inherent in a healthy, flourishing GCs are meant to redeem the everyday activities of our lives and submit them to the purposes of God's kingdom. At Four Corners, we don't believe God's church has a mission; we believe God's mission has a church. As such, all of his followers--not just a select few--are sent to the mission field that is this world, with the task of sharing the loving, restorative power of the gospel of Jesus.

Because of the organizational importance placed on GCs, we intentionally program fewer institutional activities and events at Four Corners so that our GCs have the time and space to engage the mission of God in unique ways. GCs are regularly trained by Four Corners staff and coaches on how to be fluent in the gospel--not just in regard to their own personal identities, but also as it relates to their ability to intentionally reflect the love of Jesus into the lives of those they interact with regularly in the places they live, work, and play.

If this vision for ministry and expression of disciple-making community sounds appealing to you, we'd encourage you to inquire about joining your nearest GC by contacting us here.

    WHAT ABOUT students and children?

    We're bursting at the seams with young people at Four Corners right now, which we are so glad for! And we do our best to love Students and Children as much as Jesus does. Every Gospel Community should endeavor to be a place that intentionally disciples all members of the family, not just adults.

    In addition, there are several environments for Students and Children to connect in community on Sundays and during the week. Click below for more details on how we approach these stages of life.