When you are ready to learn more about the distinctives of Christianity and Four Corners, explore how you can flourish within our community, or pursue opportunities to connect with others and serve the kingdom of God with us, there are several different steps you can take to make that happen! Check out our connection process below, and get in touch with us here with any questions you might have.


Connections LUNCH

Whether you're brand new or have been attending for a while and are just now looking to get more involved, the Connections Lunch is the best place to start. It's a great opportunity to get to know the staff, meet other people, and learn more about the vision and mission of our church. You'll get a chance to hear from some of the staff, and share a little about your own story, too. This will take place right after the second worship gathering on a Sunday morning, and lunch and childcare are provided. When you're ready, you can sign-up by clicking below.

Next offering: December 3rd



Before serving or joining a group, we encourage you to take our Membership class. Our two-week Membership class is an early step in the connection process at Four Corners. If you've recently been to the Connection Dessert, or are a long-time attender who is ready to become a more committed family member, join us for this class. We talk about the theological and practical distinctives of Christianity and our church, as well as what is expected between a church and its formal members. Learn more about membership here. Register for the class by clicking below.

Next offering: Early 2018



This class is an important step of information and connection for those who have been to our Connection Dessert and taken our Membership class. We recommend that everyone who is considering joining a ministry team or community group at Four Corners go through this three-week class. We explore things like spiritual gifts and the importance of (and reasons for) living life in intentional gospel-centered community as gospel-centered families, servants, and missionaries. Click below to sign-up for the next session of this class.

Next offering: Early 2018



Once you have learned who we are as a church, how we feel uniquely called to minister for Jesus in this area, and how you fit best into that vision and mission with us, we feel its important for you to get into a Gospel Community (GC)! Gospel Communities are the main way we disciple each other and engage our gospel identity as families, servants, and missionaries. We want to call ourselves to more within the context of community, not less, and so we purposely make this the last step of our connection path because GCs are places for people who are all-in.

The Gospel Community Rally Night is your chance to hear all the details on what GCs are and how you can join one. You'll also get a chance to hear from existing GC leaders and members about what God is doing across our communities, and celebrate the kingdom work being accomplished in the Four Corners area. The Gospel Community Rally Night takes place twice per year, and food and childcare are provided. Register below for our next Rally Night event.

Next offering: Early 2018